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Springhill Subdivision

In 2021 Development Nous was engaged to undertake the design, documentation and resource consent application process for a staged 312 lot rural residential subdivision across an assembled site of 220ha. The project required the design of necessary development formation earthworks, including and area of site remediation and a network of roads, drainage and servicing infrastructure to vest in Council. 

The development is broken into sixteen stages with a staggered expiry out to fifteen years to enable the delivery of the developed lots to match market conditions. 

The application was publicly notified and heard by external commissioners resulting in the issuing of the approved resource consent in 2022. 

Development Nous is now working with the developer to organise commencement of site works in 2023.

Date          2021 to Present

Location   Corner of State Highway 50 and Wakarara Road, Ongaonga


Development Nous – Planning, Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering

East Cape Consulting - Traffic Engineer

Geosciences - NESCS Contaminated Land Assessment

Initia - Geotechnical Specialists

Prof. Freeman Cook - Waste Water Specialist


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