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People - Phil Stickney BRP (Hons), MNZPI Technical Director/ Principal Planner

Phil Stickney

Technical Director/ Principal Planner

Phil has been in the planning field for 27 years during which time he has been involved in a wide range of projects both in the public and private sector. His area of speciality includes urban land development; primarily working on large scale projects. He also has a strong interest in the development of effective urban policy and Spatial Plans as a tool to integrate land use, transport, and infrastructure.

Phil’s experience includes providing strategic advice, and planning witness services on numerous District Plan reviews around the country and leading large multi-disciplinary teams to develop structure plan, master plans and precinct plans including multi-modal travel options.

His involvement in the land development sector means he is able to bring a pragmatic approach to working with the public sector and understanding how planning standards can impact on feasible development, and work to achieve an appropriate balance between regulation and enablement.

Phil is a Principal Planner at DNL working alongside Matthew Holder to strengthen and broaden the capacity of the DNL planning team.


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