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Haupouri Farm Park

In 2016 Development Nous was engaged to undertake Civil Engineering and Surveying services for the implementation of a subdivision consent for a 14 lot Farm Park at Haupouri Drive, Ocean Beach. The original subdivision application was undertaken by others in 2015. 

Development Nous undertook design, documentation, and construction management of Stage 1, Lots 9 to 14 including driveway access and building platforms.  Stage 1 was completed construction of in 2018.

After completion, Lot 14 which encompasses the Haupouri Homestead was sold and the Homestead owners and original Farm Park owners entered into an agreement that the homestead lot would be expanded to encompass a large portion of the balance farm park site that included a wilderness area around an existing waterbody. Development Nous were concurrently engaged to complete a variation consent application (s127) for the farm park to further subdivide the land around the waterbody and for it to move into private ownership, no longer being a part of the balance Farm Park. This required extensive consultation with Council, ecologists, earthworks contractors, landscapers, and the coordination with the applicants to ensure that the ongoing maintenance obligation and farm park integrity remained in place. This included amendment of the broader farm park landscape strategies and management of the wetlands.

With agreement from council the implementation of stage 2 of the farm park was undertaken including roadway and platform construction, and landscaping obligations for the farm park. Parallel to this the reforming and construction and final landscape implementation of the waterbodies was undertaken by the owners of the Homestead. Stage 2 of the farm park was complete in mid-2022 and including the planting of around 8400 plants. The wetlands re-formation and planting were completed in around the same time as the subdivision and is now a thriving habitat.

Development Nous is now preparing detail design for stage 3 of the site which is a 21-lot subdivision of land on the southern side of Ocean Beach Road, opposite Haupouri, and includes an equestrian park, stables and arena.

Date          2016 to 2022

Location   Hauporui Road, Ocean Beach 


Development Nous - Surveying, Civil Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture

WSP - Geotechnical Engineers


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