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People - Karl Carew BSurv Director/ Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Frikkie van Niekerk

Structural Draughtsman

Frikkie works out of the Development Nous South African office as a Structural Draughtsman. Frikkie’s duties include preparing construction drawings for new structures, structural additions, and remodels.

Frikkie is a detail-orientated draughtsman adept at making critical decisions, managing deadlines, and producing detailed technical drawings. In a short time, Frikkie shows expertise in analysis and problem-solving and is dedicated to company growth and progresses.

Frikkie works closely with our Senior Structural and Civil Engineers providing technical support and gaining valuable experience. Since joining the team, he has undertaken preparation of detailed working drawings for construction of new structures, additions and for remodelling of existing structures.

In 2024 Frikkie has enjoyed spending time in the New Zealand offices getting hands on Project Management experience with our directors.


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