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Erickson Road Subdivision, Te Awa

Development Nous developed the subdivision layout and design for the staged residential development of the site 13.8ha greenfield site at 16 and 38 Willowbank Ave, Meeanee Napier. The subdivision, approved by hearing in July 2021, proposes 19 standalone residential lots within Stages 1 fronting onto Eriksen Road and a further 168 multi-unit residential lots within Stages 2 – 9 with accompanying internal roadway network created as a managed lifestyle village targeted at occupiers over the age of 55, with controlled access in the form of entrance gates. 

The design includes an open stormwater swale drain within a 40m wide reserve designation to the western and southern site boundaries following Willowbank Ave and four internal reserve lots enabling pedestrian and service connection from the development to the swale. The swale and reserve land accords with the provisions and design of the Te Awa Structure Plan and the Designation within the City of Napier District Plan. The development will be complemented by extensive parkland landscaping of the swale reserve land and pocket parks and coordinated planting of street trees through the common areas of the development.

Detail design of the site is underway by Development Nous and Stata Group. Earthworks is to start in early 2023. 

Date          2018 to Present

Location   Erickson Road and Willowbank Avenue, Te Awa Napier 


Innovative Architecture Ltd - Architects

Development Nous - Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning

Strata Group - Civil Engineering

RDCL - Geotechnical Engineers

Traffic Solutions Ltd - Traffic Engineering

Berry Simons Environmental Law- Lawyer


Palmer Builders 


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